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Sudbury Flower Club Visiting Demonstrator: Brenda Tubb

Hosted by Sudbury Flower Club, visiting demonstrator Brenda Tubb is a trained florist and teacher who has worked in a florists in Piccadilly and as a teacher at Easton College, Norwich.

Tickets: £7.00
Monday March 9th 2020, 7:30pm

Jazz Workshop

Township Jazz Workshop with the Claude Deppa / Clare Hirst band

Tickets: £10.00 (special deal: workshop & show £20.00)
Saturday April 4th 2020, 3:30pm

Suffolk Day Talk with Charlie Haylock

Quote - On Facebook to the Quay Theatre, Sudbury, after Suffolk Day Talk in 2019
"It was excellent, we thoroughly enjoyed it ! Let's have him back soon please !"

Tickets: £10.00
Sunday June 21st 2020, 7:30pm